Edimax EW-7612 wireless adapter can't ping router

Above adapter is new-ish. It was working fine; now it's hiccupping.

Wireless network is fine - both my laptops get on without a problem.

The Edimax PCI-E adapter:

a) can't connect, or
b) has limited connectivity, or
c) has full connectivity but no web pages work, and the router can't be pinged, or
d) works (for a short while)

The above options are seen pretty much evenly, except for the last one which achieves disproportionately low representation.

Have attempted to uninstall/reinstall drivers. Have attempted to delete all profiles. Have seriously considered ripping out the PCI-E and throwing it into the next-door neighbours garden, but fear this may damage the motherboard.

Any help, solutions, or shared-Edimax-rage-experiences gratefully received.


P.s. Win 7 64-bit.
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  1. Hi A

    I am having a similar problem with this card. Someone on amazon wrote a review of this card and said to try downloading the latest drivers from the website. But the version i just downloaded is not any newer than the ones i had already.

    same for me, edimax causes freezing and crashing of windows explorer, like i'm running out of RAM. also, says i have internet access but I clearly don't.

    I am sure it is edimax, cause i borrowed a USB wifi dongle which is working fine.

    i want to rip this thing out as well and throw it against the wall. I have written to Edimax and complained but we will have to see what they say.

    I have seen simlar Edimax messages out there. another similar gripe on this forum says changing AES to TKIP works but it didn't for me.

    Good luck

  2. Hey Darren,

    I solved this problem, thanks.

    I solved it with this: http://www.amazon.co.uk/D-Link-DHP-307AV-PowerLine-Homeplug-Network/dp/B003L78F6U/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1318278682&sr=8-5

    In other words, I gave up on this card after weeks of intermittent problems.

    Plugged in the above (took me all of 2 minutes, partly because I had to walk up and down stairs three times), and my problems have gone. Trouble-free for three weeks now. Nothing else has changed.

  3. Sounds like I will do the same.
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