Samsung, ViewSonic or HP?

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  1. Monitors are one of those things I recommend checking in the store.

    Features very greatly from one to the other.

    I mean some have a better height adjustment. Some users do not need this others do.

    Some can be rotated, again this is a user preference.

    Even among the same type of screen, there are differences is color and dark color quality.

    You also have options for panel types.

    TN- common

    +Very fast response
    +Good for most gamers*

    -Poor color compared to other types
    -Image will color shift allot of you are off to the sides or above/below
    -Some gamers will find the dark colors muddy.

    VA . Many VA variations

    +Good color.
    +Wider viewing with less color shift.
    +Easy on the eyes :)

    -Inverted ghosting. Its strange and will put some gamers off
    -Slower response. Overdrives makes the inverted ghosting worse
    -More input lag, can be bad for gamers, but the color may be worth it for some


    +Great color. What the pros use :)
    +Wide viewing angles

    -Input lag

    There may be more info on each, that was just a quick list.

    Personally I can not stand TN panels any more, but for many users, it provides what they want.

    I recommend checking the screens in the store for the best idea of what YOU like not what others like.

    I have a Samsung 245T(S-PVA) and I use it for every day browsing, game and even movies. The inverted ghosting is something that did bug me quite a bit at first. I have got used to it, but may look IPS next time.

    When i go back to my TN based screen, it is ok for some things, but the viewing angles and color or this have spoiled me.

    What works for me is not guaranteed to work for you.

    For me the HP looks like a good buy because it has an IPS variation screen and more adjustments(but at what cost, hows the input lag ect).

    I recommend you look here for more info

    jaguarskx has GREAT info with pictures.
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