My First PC build (bet your not tired of these)

So I finally decided what I am looking for in a pc and started a build on newegg. I wanted to make a budget PC that will be mainly used for Web Surfing, Media, and some mild gaming. I don't need a power house and after a lot of thought I decided to go for Duo core over Quad core for the easier price tag Here is what I was thinking of putting together.

IN WIN Dragon Slayer Black 0.6mm SECC MicroATX Mini Tower Computer Case

Intel Core i3-2100 Sandy Bridge 3.1GHz LGA 1155 65W Dual-Core Desktop Processor Intel HD Graphics 2000 BX80623I32100

GIGABYTE GA-H61MA-D3V LGA 1155 Intel H61 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard

G.SKILL 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333 (PC3 10600) Dual Channel Kit Desktop Memory Model F3-10600CL8D-4GBHK

ASUS EAH6670/DIS/1GD5 Radeon HD 6670 1GB 128-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.1 x16 HDCP Ready Video Card

Antec BP550 Plus 550W Continuous Power ATX12V V2.2 80 PLUS Certified Modular Active PFC Power Supply

ASUS Black 12X BD-ROM 16X DVD-ROM 48X CD-ROM SATA Internal Blu-ray Drive Model BC-12B1ST/BLK/B/AS - OEM

Corsair Nova Series 2 CSSD-V30GB2A 2.5" 30GB SATA II Internal Solid State Drive (SSD)

Samsung by Seagate Spinpoint F3 HD502HJ/ST500DM005 500GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive

The total comes out to I plan to get a couple of 1TB HDD later to put in it so I think I calculated the needed wattage for the setup, and since the i3 isn't going to be overclocked I figured the stock cpu cooler would work fine.

Any thoughts on this build? Suggestions for improvements? I have no experience in this so any advice will be greatly welcomed. Thank you.
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    No need SSD because it's so low on space(30GB is worthless but useful for Caching with a HDD for faster response)

    Recommend changes:



    EDIT: If your budget is $650, build tomshardware System Builder Marathon, March 2012: $650 Gaming PC,3159.html
  2. PLEASE spend $3 more and get:
    Intel Core i3-2120 Sandy Bridge 3.3GHz $127.99
    Combo savings with DVD burner, ends 3/31
  3. I don't understand why you want to buy a sata 3 mainboard and sata 2 hdd. Same issue with the ssd...
  4. Kursun said:
    I don't understand why you want to buy a sata 3 mainboard and sata 2 hdd. Same issue with the ssd...

    good catch. - though the platter just benefits from the larger cache and not so much from the bandwidth.

    Crucial M4 CT064M4SSD2 2.5" 64GB SATA III $94.99

    smallest most inexpensive that is recommended:
    Best SSD for ~$80: Boot Drive Crucial m4 64 GB,3139-2.html
    EDIT: no offense, if you can't afford this than do yourself a favor and don't pick up something that wouldn't perform as well.
  5. Thanks for pointing those out, I completely missed the Sata issue. I'll go with the SSD you recommend Looniam, I wasn't so sure about which one to get but your suggestion is just what I needed.

    As for the i3 it seemed when ever I looked up forums people always talked about the more highly of the 2100 over the 2120, and the benchmarks seemed to look better too for the 2100, I must of been misunderstanding what I was reading but that is why I wanted some pros at this to look it over. I will be using the CPU you linked for me too.

    Again thank you for your help, you both saved me from some noob mistakes ^^;.

    EDIT: Sorry LegendKiller, I didn't see your post before, I wasat the tall end of a 18 hour work shift when I looked up the forums. I was thinking of just using the SSD for my OS originally and installing every thing else onto the HDD after looking at that $650 powerhouse guide you linked I think I might just drop the SSD altogether and put the money towards a higher end GPU. I thought that the i3 would bottleneck with a GPU of that much power but after seeing the benchmarks I am finding out just how tough the little guy is. If I want to do SSD I can always add it later if my HDD ever ends up failing and I need to re-install windows.
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