Carbide-series-300r-windowed -UK ?

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    Mod your own damn window hehe, I know you can do it :)
  2. Motopsychojdn said:
    Mod your own damn window hehe, I know you can do it :)

    I already have done for a friends build, but its just this would save me alot of time, as i use this case alot in budget builds.
  3. I'll keep an eye out mate, not seen anything yet though :)
  4. So as you all no im desperate fro this case..
    So i go on Corsairs web site and get my self a personal account, i then ordered myself the above mentioned case for the princely sum of $99 and then from the postage options choose the UPS 4 - 5 day option for $26, thinking its going to take at least 2 weeks to get here.

    SO imagine my total surprise when the UPS man knocked on my door this afternoon with a big box with a Corsair 300r windowed in perfect condition inside it, amazing or what, especially when i noticed on the UPS label that this had come from Corsair Hong Kong !!!!
  5. Awesome mate, I'm at a rally this weekend but I expect some pics to check out when I'm back sunday arbo :)

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