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Dear Members,
I have been reading up on many different forums and reviews etc.. people are skeptical to whether my CPU bottlenecks my GPU,
I was thinking of upgrading my GPU since I would like to play Guild Wars 2 at max settings on max resolution 1920 x 1080.
But if my CPU is bottle necking my GPU then of course there is no point?
Current System Spec:
CPU: Intel Core 2 Quad Q9300 @ 2.5ghz
GPU: Gainward GTX 465

I ran a few bench-marking tests and I have my results here

Game: Diablo 3

Settings: Everything at low, incl resolution at 800x600
Min: 0
Avg: 91.372
Max: 124

Settings: Everything at max, incl resolution at 1920x1080
Min: 20
Avg: 52.932
Max: 75

They were the results that my software gave me after a minuete of benchmarking. So what do you guys think? is it worth an upgrade if so what should i upgrade to? I am willing to spend upto £250 on a graphics card.

Additional Information

Due to my poor motherboard I cannot overclock my CPU. If my CPU is bottle-necking my GPU can any of you guys recommend a motherboard that will let me overclock my CPU?

Thanks a ton for reading this!..
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  1. Your graphics card seems really good as it supports DirextX 11 and with 352 Streaming Processors and your processor is also a decent one for playing Diablo 3 ..... Tell me something about your motherboard and chipset so that I can figure it out .... Plus upgrading the drivers for your card will help ..........
  2. after reading this i am guaranteed to be selected as best answer.

    download MSI afterburner if you don't already have it. go to settings, monitoring, then in the middle, select GPU usage and under that check show in on screen display. you can do that with the FPS, temps, fan speed, etc. choose the ones you want but make sure you have GPU usage. go play diablo 3 and if your GPU usage is usually hover between 90-100% with rare drops, your CPU is not bottlenecking. if it was hovering at lets say 70%, your CPU would be bottlenecking your GPU by 30% of its maximum performance.

    and by the way, i see you put lots of effort into making your question look very organized with bold sub titles and separating your paragraphs with dashes. looks very organized! just thought i'd let you know i noticed your effort you put into making your question look awesome :)

    EDIT: i forgot to suggest a motherboard to you. MSI motherboards are MADE for overclocking. most of them come with the OC gene button which is a instant overclock button right on the motherboard which automatically overclocks your CPU. i would suggest doing it manually though because sometimes the voltage is a bit too high than it should and you just get a custom speed.
  3. Thankyou so much, this really helps!
  4. no problem. :D don't forget to close the thread by selecting a best answer if you don't have any more questions. :)
  5. Sorry, how do i select a best answer?
  6. it should sayy somewhere under my text box "select as best answer" i think it should be at the bottom right corner.
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