Buying a new case, would love suggestions/opinions!

Hey everyone

I am going to buy a new case here soon but every time I look I find a new case with features/looks that I like and change my mind. So I am really in need of some solid suggestions and opinions! The reason I am changing is that my first case was a Cooler Master Nvidia and has done well for me, but I have outgrown it, (literally because my pcu cooler is hits the side of the case and causing the ever so slightest bubble in the side) and it just doesn't have the cooling/features I want. Link to my case below.

Here are some of the things I am looking for in my new case- the bigger the better, I am doing a lot of things for the cosmetics inside my case and the larger the case the better that works for me. The obvious basics like good airflow and good cable management, I would really like a swinging side door, one that even stays open after its swung out if possible, not necessarily a must but if possible I really like the hdd card case that slides right out sentey case, Link below, that is something I would love in my new case. the aesthetics inside and out matter a lot to me, but so do the basics and features, and this is why I have had such a hard time finding just the right case. Last thing is my build is all green, so if it was green that would be fantastic, but is NOT a must, just a plus. I want to spend between $100.00-$500.00, and suggestions would be fantastic and very sincerely appreciated! At the bottom are a few ones I have been looking at but I am really open to suggestions of other cases. <--- a sort of upgraded version of the case I have now. <--- love the case but it is not quite there, and reviews have some serious drawbacks on the liquid cooling system that comes with it.

Once again any help is tremendously appreciated!
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  1. I would suggest the HAF case, i think it has the best look to it, better airflow especially against the sentey case, and has a window, which is nice

    i don't understand what's so good about level 10 cases, their expensive, and look like they restrict airflow more than anything else
  2. ^ yep the fortress is nice

    also the coolermaster storm trooper is a great case

    or if you like it white with a window the coolermaster storm stryker

    edit--any one else having problems with the submit button on this page?

    wont submit unless i refresh and retype the reply
  3. I like that brand silverstonetek, thank you for the recommend. I might go with this case of theres-

    and a second link with better pictures-

    Any opinions?
  4. Good case but ouch expensive.
  5. I think I have settled on this case,

    any last opinions?
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