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Hey everyone, I am building a unit for my cuz and he is mostly a gamer for BF 3, D3 Civ 5 and Witcher 2 games, but also likes watch full HD video and doing rendering, some editing and mostly 3D stuff but it's mostly just for fun. Any who his budget is $1500 but might go max $1900. At first he wanted to go with AMD system but I was thinking more of Intel which will have nicer MB and also nice CPU, but he likes the fact that AMD has a 8core FX 8150 which is only $200 or the FX 6200 with 4.3ghz by default but what i seen Intel i7 is still way to go.

i was thinking a 3rd gen i7 with 16gb of ram for the rendering, 1TB HDD the XFX 7970 3GB card AX 850 PSU and asus sabertooth Z77 thermal armor. somthing along the lines of that,


I live in Canada by the way
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    You have the right idea. He's just snowed over by the fact the he thinks the 8150 would perform like a real 8 core CPU would when it won't. Just show him the benches comparing an i7 3770K against a 8150 and I'm pretty sure that'll change his mind...
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