Custom Build Problem Loading Windows 7

I just put together my first custom build. Everything powered up just fine from the start. First thing I did was go into the BIOS and set my SATA type to AHCI since I am using a solid state drive.

I then put in a my Windows 7 DVD which consists of a burned ISO image. However, it keeps telling me it can not find the software.

I tried burning the ISO at the slowest speed, and the fastest speed, none of which had any different result.

I tried setting the DVD drive to boot first in the BIOS, and also using F12 from the Gigabyte flash screen. No help.

I initially had the DVD drive hooked up to SATA port 1, and the SSD to port 0. I switched the DVD drive to port 4. The difference this time was instead of it telling me it couldn't read the disk, it said "boot from CD/DVD" then told me it couldn't read the disk.

I then changed SATA port 4/5 to IDE, (not knowing the difference) and it gave me the original error, without the "boot from CD/DVD."

I need help figuring out if my problem is the actual disk and the ISO, or if I do not have things set up properly, so I know which way to proceed.

All components are brand new.

My system info below:

AMD FX-4100 Zambezi
Mushkin Enhanced Chronos MKNSSDCR120GB 2.5" 120GB
LG GH24LS70 DVD Drive
XFX HD-657X-ZNFQ Radeon HD 6570
AMD Performance Edition 8GB (2 x 4GB)
Rosewill HIVE Series HIVE-550 550W
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  1. Can you try seeing if Linux works, reseat the stuff and reply back then?
  2. Oh, and that thing used to happen to me. I changed some HDD setting from the BIOS to make it right like rain.
  3. I am ignorant when it comes to Linux. And if there are BIOS settings which would solve my problem, I'd love to know which ones.
  4. HDD settings, mainly. Sorry but I do not remember exactly.. And it could as well be a problem of the ISO, try a different one, maybe?
  5. In case anyone cares, I burned the ISO using the basic Windows software, which I now know will not make for a very bootable image.

    After burning with imgburn, things went as planned.
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