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Powercolor vs sapphire and price comparision

Hi all,
I'm in Australia where the following items are available:

Powercolor HD 6850 - $152
Sapphire HD 6850 - $174

Power color HD 6870 - $172
Sapphire HD 6870 - $201

So I'm having trouble deciding which to buy - I should mention that I would like to sell the card in future for upgrades so resale value is important to me but whats really important is reliability, although I could just RTB if something goes wrong... ah.. decisions decisions...

Anyway, all suggestions are very welcome! - Thank-you!!
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    sapphire is a better brand and will be better for resale and reliability.
  2. sapphire is an good quality product and will be better then powercolor its little bit cheaper in quality.
  3. Where are you buying from in Australia cause i have seen the Powercolor version at MSY for about 142 approx
  4. thanks for the answers, i ended up with the sapphire - in my heart, i know it's right... lol
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