New build's HDD/SSD questions

I hope this is the right section for this question as it pertains to my new build.

Im going to run an SSD for my OS and a HDD for programs, images etc etc. My questions are:

For anti-virus/malware etc etc programs, should they be ran from the SSD? Should they also be ran on the HDD too?

My web browser ( unsure which on Im going with yet ) Should that be installed on the SSD for speed or the HDD ? If installed on the SSD, cant I move the temp. files to the HDD to NOT slow down the SSD, or would that be counterproductive?

With installation of the OS to the SSD, I have to set it as ACHI ( i think thats what it is ) and then finish the install. Then I can connect the storage HDD right? Any special way to set up the HDD?

Lastly, can something like CCleaner be used to clean the SSD? Is there an alternative for the SSDs?
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  1. Personally, I would install the browser, antivirus, etc, any program that works closely hand in hand with your OS or just daily use, on the SSD. Antivirus for sure. Just set it to protect the whole computer, not just the SSD, but you want it installed on the SSD. Use the regular hard drive for stuff that isn't going to benefit so much from the instant access speed of the SSD, like movies, music, probably most of your games and other programs can go onto the regular hard drive as well. They won't benefit much from the SSD except for faster initial load times. (which there will be a BIG difference there) If you have any particular game you are really into right now, or program you use daily, you might want to install it to the SSD as well.
    Correct install Windows, whatever else you want to the SSD, get the OS updated and configured the way you want, drivers, etc., and then hook up your secondary drive.
  2. Okay thanks. I did find a nice guide on how to tweak the ssd for main drive OS use. Now when i hook up the storage drive, what do I do? Just hook it up, initalize and format?
  3. You can, and should hook up all drives prior to turning on the computer and loading the OS. No reason to leave it unplugged. when Windows install begins, you will be prompted to select a drive for the OS. Pick your SSD and away you go. Windows should recognize the hard drive and you are correct, format, initialize, partition (or not)
  4. how do i designate the hdd as a storage drive
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