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I really need good recommendation for my old PC, now using MOBO = Intel DQ35JOE, Proccs: INTEL E6550 /2.33GHZ, VGA nvidia Gforce8500GT = 512MB and RAM = 4GB) ... too slow for Corel and photoshop. Thinking to change VGA to 1 or 2 GB, any recommendation if this cud boost up the performance...., or i need to buy new system.....thanks for your kind help
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  1. you should be able to add a newer card like the 6670 in there and have decent performance. You don't need 2 gb vram I would think as gaming doesn't need it and I doubt applications will use that much.

    A new system will be a lot faster of course.
  2. for corel and photoshop use I think you will be better with upgrading the CPU rather than the GPU, however, both would be good too.

    I would recommend an Nvidia card because CUDA acceleration is implemented in newer photoshop versions. I think that a GTX 260 or 280 would be a great value purchase. You can find them on Ebay for really cheap compared to the power they provide.

    For the CPU go for a quad core core 2 either a Q6600 or better. I am sure photoshop uses multicore, not sure about corel, but any boost in clock speed will help.

    I would say you could get those upgrades for $100 (gtx 280) and $90 for the CPU from a quick glance at buy it nows on ebay...
  3. Dear Esrever and Americanbrian; thanks a lot for your both educating comments; appreciating indeed; really give me the ideas now....
  4. Make sure your PSU is up to the task of powering a new GPU. Upgrading your CPU and/or getting a GPU like the HD6670 probably won't require a PSU upgrade, but if you decide to add a powerful GPU for CUDA processing you'll probably need a quality 430W-500W PSU like an Antec Earthwatts.
  5. thanks jtt283, appreciating your additional info;
  6. Any body can advise me for my last deal; I choosed the specs as follows:
    Processor = i7 2600k
    Fan coolmaster V6GT
    Mainboard : Asus P8Z68VGen3
    Memory: DDR 3 - 8GBj (Kingston)
    VGA = ZOTAC GT560Ti - 1Gb
    Case = Venom HABU - 3 Fan
    Power = Corsair 550 Watt Tx
    HD = SATA 500 GB
    ....., how do you think; whether i close this purchase with good decision ?

    Thanks for your kind attention; and need help to decide...
  7. That should be a pretty good machine, PSU is sort of borderline, but should be fine.

    Depends on the price I would say. If you have the money to spend on it go for it, but I would probably stick with an i5 2500k instead of the i7. You can OC it to match the i7 with a simple bios setting....
  8. The PSU is not "borderline," it is a quality unit and well-suited to that system.
  9. I agree with jtt. If all youre looking to do is photo/video editing. The 560ti and 550w PSU is great. A nice added kick with the i7. That rig should last you for quite a while, good build for your ideal use. You'll love the result!
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