I am having an issue with my pc. Yesterday i updated to a new amd phenom x6 1045t. it was fine until today. I got home from work and suddenly it started freezing. as i am typing here im looking at the temperatures using hardware monitor. the core temperatures show 0 Celsius i dont know why.

I dont know the reason why it might be freezing some im reaching out to you guys to give me your 2 cents.

thank you
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  1. I disabled asus core unlocker and now i am reading the temp in the cores and they are at 20 Celsius not bad i think
  2. Just for the record, when you use an unlocking option in BIOS, AMD processors disable their temp sensors. That's normal.

    As far as the freezing problem, is you BIOS updated for that processor?
  3. yes i just did the update and its frozen right now (typing from laptop)
  4. Did you do the BIOS update with the processor in place, or the old one?
  5. with the processor in place
  6. airman88 said:
    with the processor in place

    You should always do a BIOS upgrade with the existing/working processor. When the BIOS is updated, THEN change to the new processor. I hope your machine during the BIOS update. Is the machine bootable now? If not, Try putting the old processor back in.
  7. I exchanged the cpu bought memory new mobo
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