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What Graphics card to Buy?

So, my 4290 on board has done its job. Ready to gain some horse power. I need a single card solution that isn't over 300 bucks.

Card suggestions?
Should I worry about a decent card being bottle necked by anything in my pc?
Thoughts on the potential of the unreleased amd 7950?

Oh, my sig rig is up to date.
I play in 1080p
Skyrim, BF3, etc.... the usual games, with older classics.
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  1. the hd 6950 2gb will be good for that price or may be the gtx 560 ti and in my thoughts about the hd 7950 is that it should be similar as the hd 6970 or may be little bit better or lower.:)
  2. Thanks man. Yeah, I've had my eye on that 6950 for awhile. I wonder what the price for the 7950 will be like. Have you heard any thing about prices?
  3. There is an article on here that states the 7950 MSRP is between $400-450.
  4. yes i have heard about the price of hd 7950 it will be between $400-450 and i also heard that amd is going to launch this in 31st january.the hd 7990 is also going to release on that date which is having 6gb of memory.,14500.html

    but for now the hd 6950 2gb will be good or wait for the hd 7950 price to go down after launch.:)
  5. Wow, wish I had a grand to throw at a 7990......ahh.....maybe in the next build lol.
    Really don't want to wait for prices to drop. Thanks for the link sunnk. I'll probably settle for the 6950. I heard at one point some of the reference models could be flashed to 6970's. Does this still hold true with any of them?
  6. yes the hd 6950 2gb can overclock better and unlock shader units to an hd 6970 that gpu which i was given in the link of newwegg can do all this better just buy it. {good luck}.:)
  7. Your particular mix of games cries out for the power-saving features of the HD7000 series. What settings have you been using for BF3 and Skyrim on your 4290 IGP? I have to think you'd be a poster child for my assertion that it doesn't take a pair of $400+ video cards to play (and enjoy) games. You might be very happy with the performance of a HD6850 or HD6870, for half your budget.
  8. I have a Sapphire 6950 2gb that successfull unlocked and highly recommend one. Get one from a reputable seller on ebay because the reference cards that have the dual bios switch are getting hard to find.
  9. Lmao, Yeah, I would be the poster child for that assertion. I've always been an audio guy. I play Skyrim with all settings low except for all the draw distances maxed. Yet I have the audio coming through an m-box mini connected to 2 Mackie HR824 studio Yeah, a bit ridiculous. I'm just ready for the imagery to match the sound scape. Cool suunk, I was hoping so.
  10. If I had a spare Benjamin on hand, I'd be tempted to test a HD6670 on Skyrim, but I don't think I'd recommend it for you. Still, you may not need to max your budget.
    Jeremy Soule's music is awesome. I went so far as to buy the three Guild Wars sound tracks, and burned them to CDs.

    Edit: Taking a look at especially the second chart, a GTX560Ti appears to offer a much higher bang/buck than the HD6950. That's what I'm using, and Skyrim is on all Ultra settings.
  11. Definitely food for thought jtt83. Is your system similar to mine?
  12. I'm running an AMD rig, but there are only a few similarities. It is listed in my profile. The biggest performance difference is that you've been using a 4290 IGP, and I have a GTX560Ti. I've just experimented with a number of different GPUs. Before I got Skyrim, I had tested a HD6670 I bought for my father and found it played my mostly older games maxed on my 1920x1080 monitor. When I built this rig last year, I was planning long term; my GPU is overkill for my needs (but great since I bought Skyrim), although my gamble on Bulldozer lost bigtime. Fortunately, my "fallback position" to a 970BE has so far handled my needs quite well.
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    civilian1 said:

    dont go for it its an used one u can buy hd 6950 2gb and flashed it to hd 6970 and also u can overclock it so why to waste money for that just buy an gpu with good i have a good one for u u will be happy with this.:)
  14. Sh**, how did I miss that. Thanks sunnk. So the 1gb is good if I'm not going over 1920x1080 right?
  15. civilian1 said:
    Sh**, how did I miss that. Thanks sunnk. So the 1gb is good if I'm not going over 1920x1080 right?

    yes ofcourse it can handle games on 1080p easily.:)
  16. lol, I'm entering my visa number right now.....Buying it for sure, right now.
  17. lol,it will give you a performance boost good luck man
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  19. Thanks sunnk, if it doesn't. Something is seriously wrong. lol
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