Budget gaming pc parts review? ( i need help) :L

hey im getting a new pc built and i wanted to check if some parts would be good enough to run games smoothly, i am mainly looking to play games like world of warcraft and minecraft -

Graphics Card - http://www.ebuyer.com/291003-asus- [...] md3-v2-lp-

RAM - http://www.ebuyer.com/342352-cruci [...] 1609ds1s00

Processor - http://www.ebuyer.com/238326-amd-a [...] 450wfgmbox

Hard Drive - http://www.ebuyer.com/124228-weste [...] wd5000aaks

Any help would be really appreciated because i dont want to spend loads of money and then find out that it dont work :L

Edit - a few people have told me that the graphics card looks poor but it has had some good reviews here are its specs -

Graphics Engine - NVIDIA GeForce 210
Bus Standard - PCI Express 2.0
Video Memory - DDR3 512MB
Engine Clock - 589 MHz
Memory Clock - 1333 MHz ( 667 MHz DDR3 )
RAMDAC - 400 MHz
Memory Interface - 64-bit
D-Sub Max Resolution - 2048x1536
DVI Max Resolution - 2560x1600
Interface - D-Sub Output x 1
DVI Output - Yes x 1
HDMI Output - Yes x 1
HDCP Support - Yes
Low Profile Bracket Bundled - Yes ( 1 slots x 2 )
Dimensions - 7.25 x 4.77 x 1.53 Inch
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  1. I don't see a motherboard, optical drive, case, or power supply in this build. Are you reusing them from a previous computer, or did you forget to list them>?
  2. Dude, the reviews don't matter. It's an old card. It's from 2008. It can't run minecraft or WoW. And yeah kelthic said. You need to list those parts.
  3. Also, pay more and get the i3 which will murder the Phenom in every game. And only get 4GB. 8GB is major overkill.
  4. Yeah, I have to agree. That would probably strain quite a bit with even 2D graphics. That's really not "loads of money" ($30?) for a graphics card. For $100 you could easily play any non-3D game out there.
  5. Thats a really low end graphics card. You would be better off with one of the AMD, APU's. Integrated radeon 3200 or 4200 seris is better.. myold 6600gt sitting on the shelf is better..almost anything is better
  6. I suggest you get the 7750 which is the most powerful card that doesn't require extrenal power. If you can compromise, get the 6670, which when paired with a good CPU, will play most games at med. settings.
  7. also, what is your total budget for this build. it's hard to suggest parts without that information.
  8. Yes. Please read the sticky at the top of the forum and edit your
    post accordingly.
  9. i dont think this guy knows how to build a computer, you haven't posted half the parts, and you probably don't understand those specs. Look up your parts, check performances, and what a tutorial on what parts go inside a computer. Then come back, we will be glad to help you
  10. no i have the other parts and i know they will run fine i just wanted some opinions on a 'few' parts like i said, and im not building it a friend of mine who does it as his job is
  11. obsama1 said:
    Yes. Please read the sticky at the top of the forum and edit your
    post accordingly.

    all i wanted is some advice on some parts and thats what you gave me so thanks, im not building it a friend of mine is and he knows what he is doing as he does it for a living, but i will ask him to have another look at it and see if he can get me a better graphics card
  12. advice on parts = switch to an i3 or i5 build with a radeon 6850 or better for WoW
  13. kelthic said:
    advice on parts = switch to an i3 or i5 build with a radeon 6850 or better for WoW

    okay thanks:)
  14. Basically, what we're trying to tell you here is that you won't be able to do anything with that budget. If you have all of the other parts, then about $200 should cover a nice CPU, GPU, and probably some RAM.

    But that graphics card is crap. Really. It is. Might as well stuff a potato in your mobo. It'll run cooler.
  15. okay well first i though the ram would be more than enough i mean it 8gb all together? he did say this about them ' you also need to strips of memory to get the best performance from the motherboard'.

    As for the processor he said ' The processor is a true triple cored machine unlike the core 3 which is a hyper threading processor'

    and finally yes i do agree that the graphics card looks poor so i asked him about it and he said the ' the graphics card is good quality and will be more than sufficent, it also does not have a fan on it as thses tend to pack up in time and the graphics card can overheat. The one i have chosen has a straight heat sink (no moving parts to go wrong)

    but i will ask him to have a look at the graphics card again :)
  16. It doesnt have a fan because it doesnt have enough high performance to need one. Sounds like you are under the impression your pc guy knows it all. Not sure why you came on here for advise since you seem to be ignoring it all. Buy what you want but when you arent satisfied, all I will say is "told you so"
  17. You would be better off going with the a6-3500.(also a triple core that is clocked lower, but has a 6530D gpu built in) At least that will run wow on medium/low settings. You are going to be disappointed when you use that gpu. I don't know if low settings will run well.
  18. Well... 8GB is waaaaay too much for that build. I would get 4GB MAX. 8GB is average for $800+ builds... you won't need 8GB on your build. Also, the fact that the Graphics card doesn't have a fan means it WILL overheat easily... if it has a fan, it's going to be cooler. But I agree with GI-JONES... buy what you want
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