Can a graphics card be added to hp pavillion d4 with i5 processor

i have a HP Pavillion Dv4 Notebook pwered by i5 with just 4 GB ram and a 64 bit operating system, i wanted to know if i could upgrade my graphics to play the current games, help please.....
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  1. Hey.. Sorry, tough luck. Notebooks graphics aren't changeable, at least not in the most of them. Only high end gaming laptops (like alienware) got that feature.
  2. No.. You can't, Only high end laptop that cost $1000 (or around) have that feature, I'm assuming yours are not and you can't upgrade your Graphics card :). Probably the laptop was designed for office or home use (not gaming) so you can't game on it :). Anyway, if you want gaming, you have an opportunity to build a tower (desktop PC) and will game well :).
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