Is this a good system to start with for premiere pro?

I found this in the classifieds, I'm wondering if this will be a good start for a budget premiere pro build. Also, how much should I offer to pay for this unit?
Rosewill Crusier Case
Intel 2500k @ 3.30 ghz
Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
Asus P8h67-M evo motherboard with onboard vga, dvi, and HDMI
8gb DDR3 Corsair Vengeance ram
Seagate Barracuda 7200.12 SATA 3Gb/s 500GB Hard Drive
Rosewill 630 watt power supply
Sony DVD burner

I plan on adding this video card (GTX 560)

I also plan on adding a SSD for OS

I have an external drive to use as a third disk, eSATA connection.

So... would this setup make for a good premiere pro (going to be cs6 when it comes out) build? Is there anything that will be a bottleneck or is too powerful relative to the rest of the system? (wondering if the graphics card is overkill...). Again, how much should I offer for the original setup?
Thanks in advance!
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    I'd be curious why hes selling it. Rosewill power supplies give me pause when I see them on a build. Other than that its a pretty solid build.

    For video editing the GTX 560 is probably overkill. (It sounds silly, but you don't actually need a very powerful video card to do video editing, as Premiere Pro is more CPU intensive than anything. But if you do other stuff with the computer like gaming, it might be worth it.

    You might consider more RAM, but 8GB is plenty. (That board will take up to 32GB RAM in 4 DIMMS)

    64GB is kinda low capacity, if you plan to use ReadyBoost then its enough, but to run it on a stand-alone OS, I'd go with 120GB or more.

    I'd haggle with him starting at 450.. I probably wouldn't go higher than 550, especially if it doesn't have a video card in it, at least you didn't list one in the specs. Maybe even thats too much.
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  3. He wanted more, but thanks for the advice. It will be helpful in the future!
  4. bobthemagicmoose said:
    He wanted more, but thanks for the advice. It will be helpful in the future!

    Yea, I would say he needs to understand the concept of once you drive it off the lot, the value depreciates. Any more than that, and you start to get into the realm of building one yourself thats not used.
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