7970 not detecting HDMI monitor

I just recently purchased an MSI HD 7970 card (performance wise is out of this world) but I'm having an issue with it and my ASUS VH238H monitor. Windows detects the monitor when it is in the DVI slot but not in the HDMI. The HDMI slot on the card works because it recognizes my HDTV it just won't let me use the monitor in that slot.

I even tried hooking up another monitor and having that as my main display on DVI and running the ASUS VH238H as a secondary on the HDMI slot and Windows nor the 7970 in CCC are detecting the monitor in the HDMI slot, but do still recognize the HDTV.

I would hate to think that the HDMI slot on my monitor just coincidentally stopped working the same day I replaced the GPU because the older GPU (560 Ti) had no issues with letting me use the monitor in the HDMI slot.

I am just baffled right now and have no idea where to even begin trying to troubleshoot this.
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  1. Is it possible that you would have to change the input on your monitor to HDMI? Surly there must be some menu on there!
  2. Unless you are trying to get sound to the monitors speakers if there are any then there is no difference between HDMI and DVI they give the same video performance and it would only be an issue if the monitor did not have a DVI port.
    The monitor I have automaticaly recognizes what port is being connected but maybe like Rolli says that you have to go into the menu and change it?
    Have you tried connecting another monitor to the HDMI port on the card to see if the port on the card is working?
    If you take your old card and put it back in and connect the monitor to it will it work?
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