Cant access NetGear WNDR3700

Hello, I cannot access the setup page, even without the modem connected to the router, even after pushing reset button. It says I have limited access both to the wireless and to the wired connections, but won't let me access the internet (via the separate modem). I can access the internet via the modem fine. Help! Thanks
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  1. Turn off your firewall to make sure its not blocking it.
    If on windows 7, change the network to private.
    What IP are you getting from the router? Make sure you have DHCP set to auto config on the computer and not set to a static IP.
  2. I am having the same problem. I used be able to punch up the ip in my browser and access the router. But now, any computer fails at that. I even plugged directly and still nothing. I know it is working because I use it for wireless only. It feeds the Qwest modem/router (Qwest modem/router has weak wireless, low coverage) and I do have wireless connection thru it. I just can't access it any longer.

    I also tried a reset thinking it would bring things back to factory specs with the factory ip. Still, nothing.

    I am thinking a virus killed the access or it is having issues and needs to be sent to service or trashed.

    Anyone else experience something similar?
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