Gigabyte Radeon 6850 Dual Monitor Problem

So im trying to set up dual monitors as i want to have like teamspeak on one window and BF3 on the other or sumthin like that

so im running a Emachines 18.5 inch flatscreen on the top DVI port witht he VGA adapter which came with the card and then theres a DVI port underneath that different than the one on the top i got an adapter for it today so i can run dual monitors i have my old flatscreen CRT sitting around and it works fine
i plugged it in to the adapter and it didnt show up when i tried too identify it, just stayed black but my primary one did and i even switch the cables and it did the same one worked and other one didnt i was wondering is there something i have to do to make them work

thanks John
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  1. Is this windows 7, If so right click on the desk top select properties, and see if you can see the other screen listed there.
  2. I did and it didnt show up there and it is windows 7 pro 64
  3. I tried that and it didnt show up on there and im runnin windows 7 pro 64
  4. just for giggles do you have a different monitor you can try, its possble in fact its likely that the gpu can not offer dual screen with the CRT monitor because the fact that CRT monitors do not offer native resolution.
  5. no i dont im looking for a flat screen second hand online
  6. I bet its your adapter that you bought... it may not allow Digital AND Analog... it needs to be a DVI-I adapter.....

    See here - - Down in the 'Connector' section.
  7. the card has a DVI-A and a DVI D, and the DVI-I adapter wont work on the second port
  8. "Thus, a DVI-D connector cannot be converted to VGA via a simple cable or adapter."

    Taken from that site in the Connector section.... one can be VGA, the other monitor MUST be DVI... you can't run 2 VGA with this card... no matter what dongle you use.
  9. Okay so i guess im gonna look for a DVI monitor thanks i feel stupid for not knowing this
  10. No problem... I didn't know about the DVI differences until someone pointed it out to me on this website.... :) Good luck!
  11. i was about to made the same mistake...thx jdenova007 :)
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