Faulty RAM?

Hey all, just not so long ago I put together a custom build, I have the spec's if you need.. but recently I have been copping a few blue screens, and Mmo's seem to be crashing, and from what I can make of it it seems to be a memory issue - "Not enough mem to complete this task" is what the crash's are say... There is 4Gb of Vengeance Ram... Main question is:

How do I find out which stick is faulty, and if it actually is the Ram.

What good software is out there besides memtest?

Use the MoBo Diagnostics?

Thanks, Wombat..
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  1. Have you overclocked? the system may just be instable. If the error is saying ram then it very well could be. Based on your comment it seems your playing BF3. if that is the case then I see BF3 taking up to 6 gb of ram at times. Maybe more ram could help.
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    The best way to test RAM is one stick at the time with memtest. Just download it and use something like Isoburn to make a bootable CD with it. Then let it run 8 to 10 hours per stick. If it finds any errors at all you know you have a bad stick.
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