CMOS Battery Dies In A Few Days

Hi guys .... I have a problem with my Dell Optiplex 755 CPU as it's CMOS battery dies in a week or so ..... I have changed the battery a lot of times but no success ..... I asked DELL but no response ... Tell me what to do ? Its a Q35 Chipset running a Core 2 Duo E6650 2.66 GHz Processor with 2 GB RAM ..... The battery I use is CR2032 3.2V ........ Please help as my PC cant remember the BIOS Configuration and Date/Time ...... Please help !!
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  1. Sounds like a motherboard fault to me, insist on an RMA.
    when you can eventually get hold of them ofc
  2. Motopsychojdn said:
    Sounds like a motherboard fault to me, insist on an RMA.
    when you can eventually get hold of them ofc

    Yup it seems like a motherboard fault but what do you guys suggest I should do ? Cuz I recently bought this CPU and in Pakistan it is very expensive it costs Rs. 17500 ..... so it is unaffordable for me to get a new PC now ..... Can BIOS upgrade be helpful in this case ?
  3. What is an RMA ? and ofc moto ?
  4. RMA is short for Return to Manufacturer Authority,
    its returning it to the place of purchase for them to sort it out,
    I don't know about Pakistan but UK trading laws have provisions for you to get what you paid for in a decent working condition
    Ofc is short for Of course
    and Moto is my name, I sign all my posts :)
  5. Oh got it .... but in Pakistan there isnt anything like RMA ... I have to figure it out somehow by myself !
  6. You could check carefully to see if there is anything shorting the battery on the motherboard, a bad solder joint or anything like that, but other than returning it to where you bought it from, or returning it to the manufacturer theres nothing that you can do
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    If you leave your PC in soft-off mode (not unplugging it, leaving the power switch in the 'on' position and not switching off using external switch on power bars or wall either), the clock/CMOS should be powered by 5VSB instead of CMOS battery.

    If your CMOS battery still drains in a matter of days with 5VSB available then you have a big problem, something along the lines of 5VSB not being connected properly somewhere and the CMOS battery ending up bleeding out into devices that should be on 5VSB.

    In an ATX PCw with 5VSB, people normally won't need to replace the battery even once over the PC's entire lifespan unless they shelf it completely unpowered for months or even years.
  8. have you tried using the battery on some other device to make sure it actually is draining out? Do it just to be sure... do what "Invalid's" written, it could be serious and definitely warrants an can return stuff back in Pakistan (I think trade rules are same as in India)...good luck
  9. OK I got it .... I am gonna sell it out but just tell me one last thing ..... Can a BIOS Upgrade be helpful in this case ?
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  11. arslan94 said:
    Can a BIOS Upgrade be helpful in this case ?

    The CMOS clock circuit is an an ASIC circuitry that has absolutely nothing to do with the CPU/BIOS so no, it is extremely unlikely that any form of BIOS update could do anything about it.
  12. i had the same problem with an asus p5n e sli motherboard and i solved the problem by using an old mp3 player that had a rechargable 3.3 v li-ion battery and connected it instead of the original battery using the mp3 to charge it connected to the 5v usb on the mobo when the computer is on
    so no more problem since then almost an year now
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