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I'm looking for a video card that will run on my elitegroup P965T-A V1.0B motherboard and I want to beable to have 1G, hdmi, and 3D on it as well can anyone help me out on finding the right video card for my motherboard?
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  1. Update your drivers and you should be able to put http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814130623

    inside, just make sure you have a good Power Supply with at least 34A on the +12V rail. Good Luck :).
  2. What is your PSU brand name and size? Also your CPU and ram?
  3. You need to be a bit more specific in your request. Are you talking about 3d gaming or 3d movies? For either you also need a 3d capable monitor and/or a 3d blueray player. A video card that has 1G of vram and hdmi is easy but finding one that is designed for pci-e x16 1.0 may not be so easy.

    These are AMD's 3d capable video cards.

    These are Nvidia's

    This shows the least expensive and slowest nvidia card that supports 3d gaming and 3d blueray. Unfortunately, it requires a pci-e x16 2.0 slot. Is this what you were looking for?

  4. No card needs a PCIE 2.0 slot they all work in all PCIE versions
  5. Yes they are all compatible but 1.0 is half the speed of 2.0. Are you certain this will not bottleneck a pci-e 2.0 gpu? The requirements for all those cards listed is a pci-e 2.0 slot as per the manufacturer.
  6. No it may bottleneck a very high end card by up to 3% if that. Even a 4X PCIE 2.0 slot (half the speed again) is not a massive bottleneck.
  7. I'd say 560ti is not bottleneck in a PCI-E gen 1 (or, very little), you see that When you put a 7970 in a PCI-E gen 2 and compare it to when you put it on PCI-E 3.0, there is a little difference only, and same case with this.
  8. I'm William,

    I have elitegroup P965T-A V1.0B motherboard and I want to max out the video on it and it has a D G E on it and I need to know how to set it up and need to know how to set it up step by step please? Memory I want to max the board at 8g memory at a fast speed at a good price if you can help me out with this stuff. O by the way I want a good 1000w sli/crossfire ready powersupply with a blue led fan because my computer case is blue and if ya'll know were I can find a blue front face 24x dvd buner that would help. O I want to do sata with dvd and 1T hard drive.
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