Would this build be good for making youtube videos?

yeah like the title says, would this build be any good for recording videos of games with either fraps or Bandicam with a minimum of 30FPS WHILE recording?

Desktop Case: Lexa S Black Mid Tower Computer Case
Motherboard: MSI Z68A-G45 (G3) Intel Z68 Socket 1155 Motherboard
CPU: Intel Core i7 2600K Unlocked
GPU: ((undecided))
PSU: 950Watt with crossfire/SLI support
RAM: 16GB Corsair Vengiance Jet Black

with the GPU one, I'm undecided on what card to get... granted it might take a while to get up the money to buy this setup concidering i only now have about £500, and i need about £1000 lol, but, I was thinking of either buying a GTX 570 for £200, a GTX 580 for £313, or saving up an extra £100 more than the 580 and buy the new Kepler GTX 680 card for £420...
or I was hoping you guys could recomend something cheaper thats real good for recording, because originally I was thinking of buying 2 ATI Radeon HD 6850s and running them in crossfire mode, this would only cost £190, and would be ((from benchmarks I've seen)) just as powerful as the GTX 580 which is almost double the price

so back to my REAL question, is/would either of these things be good for doing youtube gaming and making lets plays of modern/new game releases in the future?
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  1. Buy the GTX 580 and you've got yourself a system more than capable of doing anything you could possibly throw at it :)
  2. Hi, welcome to the forums.

    Well you have a few options available. Here's a few tweaks for your build.
    -Drop to the i5-2500k. Exact same power as the 2600k in gaming for $100 less. Look up benchmarks if you don't believe me,
    -Get a decent 750w PSU, not a 950w. You want to be running at 50%-70% load for maximum efficiency.
    -8GB of RAM is really all you need.

    That said, it looks like you are going with a Cyberpower or similar service to build a machine for you. I suggest against this as it is much cheaper to build yourself and you get a level of customization that you could not otherwise have.

    For a GPU, the 7870 looks quite promising. Cheaper than the 580 with almost the same performance at an astoundingly low TDP.

  3. lol I know i have contemplated switching to the 15 instead since posting this thread, however im not sure if it would be good enough for editing the video files effectively...
    and I went with the 950watt because its as cheap as some of the 750w ones
    yeah I know 8GBs is good enough but i was going with 16 gbs just because I can get it for £20 more than the 8 gbs lol

    and I'm not using any sites to build it for me, I've been finding these things myself, haven't used a single custom pc website. I've been into pcs for years and I know that websites that build them for you rip you off big time so i build them myself, did with this one when i just wanted it for browsing the web, now i want to do gaming I'm building a gaming rig haha

    I was trying not to go for expensive cards if 2 cheaper ones in SLI or crossfire will do exactly the same for way cheaper, because from what i see 2 6850s in crossfire are more powerful than the 580 and a little over half the price of one too

    GTX 580 - £313
    2 6850s - £180
    HD 7870 - £270

    also, is it worth getting the k series of CPUs or not? because i dont intend on ever overclocking, from what i've seen its risky, my friends gpu blew up when he failed at overclocking it...
  4. Oh, my bad. The format looked like something of a Cyberpower info sheet. Well then... Good! :p

    -What 950w PSU is it? Quality is everything.

    -A 2500k can do just fine with video encoding and whatnot. That said the 2600k can do better. It's not a huge difference, go look at video encoding and compression and decide if the difference is worth $100.

    -Overclocking does involve some risk. That said it's much safer than it was in the old days, with power governors setting in when the chip gets unstable/too hot. If you stay within reasonable limits you should be fine. Do a little research and think on it.

    -A pair of 6850's would indeed do better. However you'll run into issues with "microsutter" which may or may not be a big deal for you. I can't see it personally. For some it's gamebreaking. If it looks like an issue to you, get a 7870.
  5. lol nah I'm just very OCD with they way i set out things haha XD

    it is a Powercool 950W Power Supply (PSU), but following ur advice i went with the 750Watt version of the psu, which is the same brand, just 750W instead of 950 and is £46 instead of £71 lol ((yes I was willing to pay the extra £24 just for the added 200W lol))

    hmm, I suppose.... I'm still not to sure on overclocking after watching my friends explode lmfao...

    well see... micro-stuttering, as far as i can see.. isn't that much of a big deal... but... for some people it appears to be a very big deal, and i'm wondering if micro-stutter would effect video recording to an extent where people wont watch because of it, mostly going to be doing lets plays of new games that come out if I feel they are important enough haha, I wont be playing many big FPS like bf3 or cod haha, which most of the vids on youtube seem to be about with micro-stutter :/...
    mostly its not an issue to me, but is it going to be to my viewers O_O, they are what matter, not me lmfao, I mean i've played a lot of games for the past 4 years with an Nvidia GeForce 9100 graphics card, which makes a lot of games super laggy, which never bothered me lol XD
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