New Build - Problem with HDMI

Just finished my build:

Asrock Extreme 3 gen 3
(integrated graphics till next gen cards come out)

I am connected to a 42" 1080p Panny Plasma.

When I boot up from cold start or from sleep, the screen will go black after the windows logo appears. I was able to take home my VGA monitor from work to diagnose it the best I could, and found VGA works. (NOTE: Running default drivers in safe mode yields no problems for HDMI, albeit in a low resolution/functionality.)

Steps taken to attempt fix:
Reinstalling drivers, attempting to override properties saved for TV (1080p 60hz television)

How it is working now:
When I disable and re enable my Display Adapter (HD 3000) the hdmi will become recognized, and the display will turn on.

As a temporary fix, I have wrote a script for AutoIT to run devcon, disabling and re enabling the drivers upon login, but that is obviously not a permanent fix.

I am obviously missing details, but I have been working on several systems, so my head is not really focused. Any questions or help is greatly appreciated.

Edit: Also note that my sound drivers disable themselves on each login, which I can't figure out why (using updated drivers), and so I have included them in my devcon enable script upon boot.
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