Decent starter PC build for gaming.

I have not built a PC by myself before because well i dont have the money but i have helped in alot of other builds (for example the dual xenon build i posted). I was wondering what kind of builds you guys recomend for a low budget. On this system i want to run multiple monitors at a high resolution, play games (on onlive and steam ex: Portal 2), watch HD content locally stored and online, listen to music, and do alot of multi-tab web browsing. What kind of system do you guys recommend?

Budget: Less than $1000 preferably under $400

Components: Whatever's good for cheap and that offers good upgrade ability
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  1. I'm not as knowledgable as most of the guys out here, but since no one's yet answered, I'll throw in my two cents...

    Since funding is the primary issue, I'd start by looking at an AMD CPU - probably the Phenom II x4. find a matching motherboard you like and start matching the rest of the parts. I'm personally not an AMD builder (or fan); my preference is Intel. But it's hard to beat AMD prices.
  2. i3-2120
    H61 motherboard
    1TB HDD? (more or less depending on your needs)
    AMD 6870 Graphics card - could buy something cheaper to keep costs down if wanted to. 6750 is only about $100
    4GB RAM - Maybe 8GB although probably not necessary

    Build should provide more than enough performance for what your planning to do, while giving some good FPS in gaming (thanks to the 6870 paired with the i3) and should be do-able for $400-500 id have thought.
  3. i3-2120 $128
    ASRock H61M-VS LGA 1155 $55
    G.SKILL NS 4GB (2 x 2GB) $22
    CORSAIR Builder Series CX430 $44 $8 off w/ promo code EMCNGHG72, ends 3/29
    Sony Optiarc 24X DVD Burner $18
    Antec Three Hundred $60 $10 off w/ promo code EMCNGHG82, ends 3/29
    HITACHI Deskstar 7K1000.D $99

    Total: $376 before $18 off promo codes

    + Graphics card - depending on how much you wish to spend.
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