Low End pc for medium gaming

Hello everyone, i m currently building the most bang per buck pc for medicore gaming and everyday use.

Here is what i have tought so far:

GPU: MSI HD 6670 1gb gddr5 (i heard that it is good for overclocking, is that true?)
CPU: Intel Pentium Dual Core G850 2.9GHz
RAM: 4GB Kingstone HyperX 1600MHz
MOBO: Asus P8H61 B3
PSU: Seasonic 500W
Case: Xigmatek Asgard II

I don't need the folowing:Monitor, mouse, keyboard, OS, HDD and CD/DVD reader

So what do you guys think of this setup? Does anything need replacing?
Also i would game on a 19" monitor on around 720p so could this setup handle most newer games at 720p?
Would it be worth to add extre cash and get a gtx 550ti instead or hd 6790?
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  1. The 6670 is OK, but the 7750 will be lots better if . Besides, whats your budget? On Newegg, you can get the 460 for $110 which is 5x better than the 6670/7750. The 460 will require a PSU upgrade, since it needs 2 PCIE connectors, but the 7750/6670 don't. But, you'll have to upgrade the PSU. Get a 500W one.
  2. Sorry no newegg.But i can get a hd6870 for a $140, is that a good deal?But in that case i would have to use my old pc case.
  3. Yes, it is a good deal.
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