I\'m using <Motherboard intel dh61ww> <CPU i3-2120>

My processor temperature showing from BIOS is 80*c ..
it's a wrong?????
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  1. BIOS temperatures can sometimes be VERY wrong..I would suggest you go into Windows and monitor temperatures with a program like HWMonitor.
  2. Download and use Realtemp. Anything less than 75C is normal :)
  3. Realtemp supported by XP????
  4. Where?????
  5. It's absolutely normal, you can go to 200 degrees celsius!
    Try cooling it with water.
  6. sovik saha said:
    Realtemp supported by XP????

    Yea...it works on XP :)

    Follow this link to download, choose any one mirror to download from :)

  7. I knw my english spoken power is vry weak... cz I'm 4m Indian... Bengali is my own language,, so dn't be funny,,
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