Safe temp for my GTX 570

After a new patch for The Old Republic the max temp for my GTX 570 peaked out at 74 C. The fan runs at 46% at this temperature. Should I be concerned that this is too hot? I think it is okay, but would love some feedback. Thanks so much!

Win 7 64 bit
Intel i5 2500k 3.3 Ghz
Evga GTX 570
16 Gig RAM
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  1. The temp does not seem to be out of line and if the fan is not even up to 50% then you have some room to go with the fan setting. Have you upgraded the Evga Precision to the latest version? When you start to play your game you could go into the Precision software and set the fan at 50% while you are playing the game and see what that does for the temps. Then you could try 60% , just to see if it makes a difference with the temps and if it doers you could set a profile that would initiate thiose settings when you play that game.
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