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Evga model question

so my wife decided to be sweet and purchase a G card for me that i had on my newegg wishlist. the problem was it was orginally there as a placeholder to get a rough total for my build. its not a bad card and i was thinking about keeping it. problem is evga has like 10 different models just for this chip.

so heres the question:
narrowing it down to just evga and geforce 570s, if i have model- 012-P3-1572-AR, am i losing out since they also have '1573,1576,and 1579 all at the same price or cheaper then i paid. sorry, ive built plenty of systems before but ive never seen 10 models with the same chip from the same company
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  1. Looking at comparisons between those cards, I'm not seeing where the card you have is lacking in any regard (unless you need a displayport output).

    -Wolf sends
  2. They are prob versions that are overclocked more, different coolers, more vram etc.
  3. It all depends on what you are going to use it for. If it is for gaming get the one with the best cooler and maybe the OC'ing is what you want. If it is just reg surffing or just streaming movies. If it was my choice I would get this. But that is my opinion.

    Good luck in choosing. I hate it when I have to choose. Just when I think I got it wam something else pop's up and now what do I do? I feel for ya
  4. at this point it almost feels like going to a car lot and and buying a car with all the badging and what not removed, having to choose from both last years and this years models and all its different favors. they are all the same price, and most seem to be the same specs(sort of) yet i just get the feeling im paying more for a card thats been sitting on the lot for a year or more
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    Iam sorry your statement kinda through me off, I though you were trying make up your mind what card to get. Stupid me. Now I see what your are saying. Yes on how you are feeling been there done that.

    Some times it is best not to ask because you could come away more confused then when you started. You know how would you know what to get if you hadn't any experience in GPU's and had so many different models to choose from.

    After looking at all of them the only difference is the cooler's and super overclocking and display ports. I cant find anything else that is different. It does make you wonder what type of ford your going to get. The V8 sport convertalble, the family with auto trans, or the one with all the above.

    I think you have the right one, the sale is off in two days. Later on down you can sell your used ford to someone who really needs one for his or hers first rodeo. Any way I would give it a try and see if you like it or not.
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