(Super Many) Cases, same prices, what is the better/best?

Alright, here I am again.
I already ask this question last June but, I don't have enough budget that time.
Now, I''m going to buy case this month.

I am stuck at these cases:
-- Cooler Master HAF 912 Advanced. (3,999.00 PHP = 95.62 USD)
Link = http://www.coolermaster.com/product.php?product_id=6679
-- Cooler Master 690 II Advanced, Clear Side, Black. (3,999.00 PHP = 95.62 USD)
Link = http://www.coolermaster.com/product.php?product_id=6750 (There's a picture there with the clear side panel.)
-- Cooler Master 690 II Advanced, Black & White Edition. (4,395.00 PHP = 105.09 USD)
Link = http://www.coolermaster.com/product.php?product_id=6818
-- Cooler Master Storm Enforcer. (3,900.00 PHP = 93.26 USD)
Link = http://www.cmstorm.com/en/products/chassis/enforcer
-- Corsair 400r. (4,540.00 PHP = 108.56 USD)
Link = http://www.corsair.com/cases/carbide-series/carbide-series-400r-mid-tower-case.html
-- NZXT Tempest 410 Elite. (4,480.00 PHP = 107.12 USD)
Link = http://www.nzxt.com/new/products/crafted_series/tempest_410_elite

That's all what I have in mind.
Also, I need to fulfill these requirements: (Sorry.)
-- USB 3.0 (Internal.)
-- Rubber on holes for Cable Management. (Except for HAF 912 Adv., Storm Enforcer and Tempest 410 Elite.)
-- Great Airflow.
-- Good for long graphics card.
-- Can fit NH-D14 or any better air cooler.

If you can add more good case other than these cases, I'd appreciate it.
Although, should have the same budget, :)

Thank you for your answers! :)
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  1. Storm Enforcer is a recent award winner on this site IIRC.
  2. Yeah. I saw that review also. It's goooood. :)
    But, I'm here to have an opinions on some of these cases which have stocks on my local store.
    I'm in Philippines, by the way. :)
  3. Well I guess what I mean is award winner + cheapest on your list = best choice ;)
  4. Thanks. I guess I'll make my mind onto Storm Enforcer at the moment.
    Still, I can appreciate for more opinions. :)
  5. The Storm Enforcer or the 410 Elite will do great. They both (at least the Storm Enforcer for sure) have water cooling grommets in case you were to switch to water cooling someday, the NZXT has a huge ton load of HDD bays, but if I'm right the most you'll use is 4, in which case the Storm Enforcer will do just fine, with the NZXT having many more. There are more than enough 5.25 inch bays in both cases, with the Storm Enforcer having 1 more than the 410. Both of them are very good, the NZXT is a slight overkill. It visually has more space than the storm enforcer, or maybe it just looks that way.
    I would personally go with the Storm enforcer since it has a good balance of everything, 2 front panel USB 3.0, 2 front panel USB 2.0, comes with two fans, with one being a 200mm red LED on the front, and a 120mm no led fan on the back. The NZXT comes with 3 120mm fans, 2 on the front and one on the back, none of them having LED. The cooler master will be more silent since the 200mm fan is low RPM, and will have good air-pull. Unless your case will be cluttered with lots of wires in which case you should go with the NZXT since the fans will push more air, or get the Storm Enforcer.
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