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Will a 2.0 pcie card work on my pc?

i want to buy the saphhire hd radeon 6670 pcie2.0 x16. but my mobo is only pcie1.0 x16 compatible.

my pc spec:
intel p4 ht 3.0ghz
1gigs ram
intel 102ggc2 mobo
1024*768 resolution

will it work on a pcie 1.0 slot.? please help me decide..
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    PCIE cards are backwards compatible. A 2.0 x16 PCIE card will work in a 1.0 x16 PCIE slot, but only at 1.0 x16 speed.

    The x16 x8 x4 x1 part is more important than the 2.0 1.0 part as far as figuring out what will work in what slot.
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