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Is 1 gb of gddr5 better than 2gb of gddr3?

Looking at two types of Radeon 6670 graphics cards for my amd A8 and 6670 is the 'top' type you can get, I guess, so I trying to figure out what is better since I want the 'best' for what I'm allowed. So, what is better? 1gb of GDDR3 or 2gb of GDDR5? Anyone? Buehler? Thanks!
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  1. 2 gb of ddr3 is useless.
  2. So does that mean 1 gb of 5 is better because I've been doing some leg work and I know that 2 gb's of gddr3 isn't useless may even be better so please little more postulation
  3. its useless.
  4. I'd probably go for something like this:

    also, llano favors fast desktop memory kits in game performance. be sure to get a kit of 8gb ddr3 1600mhz.
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    No. Get the 1GB DDR5.
  6. so gddr5 canyou? ok ty and yea already on top o that got 8 gb's of 1600; ty
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