Questions about cable managements.

Hello, long time follower of the forum but a new PC builder.

First of all I'd like to extend my gratitude to a couple of you who have helped me in picking up my parts last month. I have to say that the whole experience has been such a thrill, I honestly am not sure why did I waited this long to start building my PC.

The reason for this post right now is to ask for a bit of advice, suggestions, tips and tricks regarding cable management. I've been reading a lot of threads and online resources on how to properly manage the cable of my PC and so far these were what I can come up with:



The problematic area for me are the top right quadrants where my SSD boot drive and Optical Drive sits. I've tried hiding the SATA and Power cables as much as I could behind the bay, but the placement of the connector made it a bit tougher to hide it much.

Another problem I encountered was the USB3 connector that goes directly next to my RAM slots, I'm just not sure how to hide that.

Any advice, tips or tricks are greatly appreciated. This is my very first build ever, so thank you for all your help

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  1. looking at the second picture it would seem you fixed the clutter at the bottom so I think this management looks good. Those case fans inside are nice. What case is that? im jelly!
  2. LOL, your case is a hell of a lot cleaner than mine, and I've got no excuse now that I have a big ass NZXT Phantom full tower.
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    Yeah, that cable job looks nice! I like the white inside the case, makes it easier to see things. I don't understand the black inside the case paint at all. I see you moved your GPU down since the first pic.
    BTW, you have a VERY nice website. I even put it in my favorites to go back and read more.
  4. @kcsmacker: Thanks!, the case is NZXT Switch 810. It was pretty much love at the first sight when I was doing my parts research.

    @DelroyMonjo: Thank you! I think it's just the perfectionist side of me talking hahaha. Titan (that's the pc name) went to the operating table 4 times after first boot just for the cable management. Glad you liked the website too, part time blogger here hahaha.

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