Newegg order placed on sunday morning

Hey guys I placed an order over 600 dollars with newegg around 830a.m est on sunday march 25th, I also placed an order on saturday that is being shipped now, but for the order placed on sunday with the same card and information is still under the order verification stage, everything should be fine with my bank i have recieved no warnings or contact from the bank so what is the delay?! I chose rush processing also, the only thing that comes to my mind is they are busy as he"" shippin out all their gtx 680's =[ this is my first time purchases and build so far I will still grant them it hasnt been the full 1-2 buisness days to process it but i did selet rush processing.. and ordered one on saturday with rush processing for the same info that is already being shipped, was ready for ups pick up sunday night at mid night!
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  1. mortonww said:

    cry me a river and wait one more day for it to process theres no prob? haha :bounce:
  2. Wouldn't of had this problem with a 7970... would have gotten to your house so much faster lol
  3. Could be that it's your first order, as I do not think they are really busy right now.
  4. I hope I wake up to a fresh new email from newegg saying it went through and i get my tracking info, otherwise a concerned call will be going out to c.s but i already no they cant do anything
  5. Hope you get it quick!
  6. No luck broke the order down now waiting for them to verify but have been flagged to get er done in. 24 hours still no luck hopefully Tom morning again now sigh
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