Should I Upgrade My System?

Hey everyone and thanks for you time, I was wondering if it was worth while to upgrade my computer any more or start a new build. I have upgrade the graphics card a few time already and I am now starting to see significant impacts on fps and quality of graphics for newer games. I want to be able to run settings on high for Diablo 3, Guildwars 2, and Battlefield 3. Is it worth it to start new or upgrade? And if upgrade, what upgrades? Here are my computer specs.

CPU - INTEL|C2Q Q6600 "Kentsfield" 2.40G 775 8M R


HD - 320G|WD 7K 16M SATA2 WD3200AAKS



If you need anymore information let me know? Thanks again.
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  1. While that cpu is starting to show its age, I feel whats really holding you back is that graphics card. You probably arent even using 3/4 of that cpu's potential. A new $100-$125 video would blow away what you currently have, and if you still arent satisfied with your results, it could be transfered to a new system at some point. Any of these would be a nice upgrade
    Also look at this chart I will link to. It compares all the different cards for gaming to each other. The recommendation is to go up at least 3 levels above your current card, otherwise the diference may not be so noticable.
    What power supply do you have, I believe these require about 450-500 watts and a 6pin power connector
  2. Ill check those cards out. Here is the powersupply I have:
    Not sure if that is a 6pin. Thanks for your response.
  3. That power supply is fine for the cards I linked to. It has enough wattage and the proper connectors
  4. What resolution are you gaming at? Also, I'd recommend building a new computer soon.. That cpu is going to bottleneck a bit if you any higher than . That card is the best card for price/performance atm. You won't be maxing bf3 at 1080p without a thousand+ dollars though.
  5. I am gaming at 1920x1080. Could I go with a 7850 or 7870?
  6. iamlost55 said:
    I am gaming at 1920x1080. Could I go with a 7850 or 7870?

    Yeah. Just get a 7850.
  7. +1 to 7850
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