Building my first system and I need some help

Well I finally got some money and I am going to try to my hand at building my own system because I heard it's cheaper by a bit. I need a gaming desktop that will last for about 4 years playing the most demanding games on high graphics.

Budget:$2500(With this I can probably buy a factory built one but where's the fun in that :) )?
I might have to upgrade later so for now my effective budget is around 1800

Optical Drive:

Power supply:

It might seem overkill but I might upgrade to Crossfire later.





Hard Drive:

Video Card:


Please tell me if any can be upgraded or downgraded to better suit my needs.Big thanks in advance!
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  1. Would you mind waiting one month for Ivy Bridge to be out? What all is this build for? Just gaming? If you need all 8 logical cores of the i7, I would recommend building something like this:

    i7 3770k + p77 board = $480
    gtx 680 = $500
    Corsair TX850 = $120
    WD FAEX 1 TB = $140
    Small SSD (40 - 64 GB) for cache = $90
    NZXT Phantom Case = $130
    8 GBs of G.Skill RAM = $60

    For a total of around $1500
  2. I wouldnt use a Kingwin powersupply if you gave it to me. The only 2 power supplies I ever had that didnt last a year were kingwin. Bought them 3 months apart different models, 1 lasted 4 months, the other 7
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