Samsung 32" HDTV GTX560ti 1920x1080 issue

I am running a GTX560ti Hawk to a 32" Samsung series 5 HDTV that has a native resolution of 1920x1080. I am connecting them via a DVI to VGA connection.
I was able to get windows to display at 1920x1080 by creating a new preset with NVIDIA control panel, however, games will not run at this res, saying that it is not supported. Some games, including Skyrim, don't even give me the option of 1920x1080.

I have ordered a DVI to HDMI cable hoping that this will allow it to work. Any thoughts?
I've been searching EVERYWHERE for help with this, so any input to help me getting my HD TV working at full res would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. I don't have any good news, Your not going to get the tv to run games at that resolution, mostly because TVs don't have a native resolutions that games are geared for meaning 1920*1080 on a tv is different than it is on a monitor so when the game goes to interact with the gpu driver its getting incorrect information about the resolution size, I would try to find a happy medium that works for you. I had this problem on the 32inch visio I have hear and was never able to get it to work that way your trying to. Good Luck.
  2. The DVI to HDMI will help as they are the same signal. With the VGA connection, you are regressing a bit. If you have to use VGA, it is best to have that on each end.

    Also, your TV supposedly has a "game mode" selection either in the menu or via some switch. You can check the manual for this. Anyway, turn that on.
  3. Thanks for the tips guys

    I don't see how the TV won't run games at 1920x1080. My reasoning is that I can get skyrim to run at this but ONLY in windowed mode. So I know there has to be a way to get it to run full screen with out using tricks and mods for skyrim.

    ALso, as far as the game mode setting - It is greyed out in my menu, and cannot select it :(
  4. I'm using a Samsung series 5 42 inch as my screen VGA to dvi and my supported resolution is 1900. I did note if this is a new graphics card download the latest drivers from nvidia {not beta} install. After instal reboot your computer. Check your desktop resolution scaling. If its at 1900 boot your game. Scroll into screen resolution and apply the 1900 resolution. You might have to restart the game. This should resolve resolution detection.
  5. i've got the latest NVIDIA drivers... updated when BF3 and Skyrim came out. Will reinstalling the driver do any good?

    I do have the option for 1900 in Skyrim options, however it rescaled back to 1024 or some *** like that .... very frustrating

    *Some more info - windows detects the TV as a generic Non-PnP Monitor. Shouldn't it detect Samsung?

    *Another Edit I just ran BF3, and changed the res in game to 1920x1080. worked perfectly and looks beautiful. WTF Skyrim?? Seems like my Steam games refuse to run at this res
  6. Windows can only recognize what it has a driver for, which is why it lists generic.

    Your TV should have come with some software called PC Share Manager. Did you install it? Samsung does not list Windows 7, but the Vista version should work fine. Supposedly this will cure your ills.

    If you cannot find the disk, you can download it from the Samsung support site.
  7. that dvi to hdmi cable will do 1080 just fine but without audio. i have the same tv but with a gtx570 running a mini dvi to hdmi with no problems on any games i have tried.
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