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  1. The RAM seems to be compatible with the laptop, from what I've searched, but you can't mix the RAM with the RAM already in your laptop, you will need to take it out first.
    The RAM here, from the same store would be suitable for your laptop, but remember to take the old RAM out:

    If you some more help, we can always offer it :D

  2. is there any way for me to upgrade to 8GB of RAM for my laptop without buying two 4GB sticks? Or do i have to buy a matched set?
  3. It really needs to be the same speed and timings. The RAM you chose is DDR3 1066 at 7-7-7-20, so if what you already have matches that, then you should be ok. It's always best to have a matched set, though because there can be problems with unmatched RAM.
  4. i know i have DDR3 RAM in my laptop, is there an easy way for me to check the frequency and latency or do I just have to open it up and check?
  5. Download CPU-Z from here and look at the "Memory" tab.
  6. ok so the results I got are:
    DRAM frequency: around 670.5 MHz
    Cas Latency: 9 Clocks
    Is that RAM I originally posted compatible?
  7. Well, the speed is right, but the latency isn't. If you change the latency of the new module to CL9, you should be ok.
  8. Can I do that once I have it? Or do I have to buy a different RAM stick that has that CL?
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    Yoshiji said:
    Can I do that once I have it? Or do I have to buy a different RAM stick that has that CL?

    Yeah, you'll do it in the BIOS once you get it, but it should work. It may even match the latency on its own, but you'll need to make sure that it does.
  10. Awesome, thanks!
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  12. You're welcome. :)
  13. And just one more thing, there will probably only be one setting for speed and latency in the BIOS, not one for each individual module, so just make sure that the latency is CL9, and all should be well.
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