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HTPC $800-$1000 build

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March 27, 2012 4:55:54 AM

Budget Range: 800-1000ish

I'm trying to build a HTPC. I would mainly use it for watching HD movies, tv shows, and hd channels. Some light gaming too. I have already attempted to create a build. Let me know what yall think. I want to buy this sometime this week unless you think I should wait for something?

Case: SilverStone ML03B $54.99
Mobo: Gigabyte GA-H61MA-D3V LGA 1155 $77.00
CPU: Intel i3-2100T 2.50 GHz LGA1155 $141.83
Memory: G.Skill 2x2GB $27.99
TV Tuner: Ceton InfiniTV 4 Quad-tuner Card $199.00
PSU: Antec EA-380D $47.23
Case Fans: Rosewill RFA-80-K 80mmx4 $15.08
External Drive: ASUS BD-ROM $61.30
Keyboard/Mouse: Logitech Wireless K400 with Built-In Touchpad $39.99
GPU: Radeon 6570 1GB $69.99

Internal Drives:
WD 7200RPM 320GB Sata II for OS $83.99
Seagate 5900RPM 2TB for movies, tv shows $119.99

Total: $1024 (heh)

I chose to go with a regular hdd for the OS instead of an ssd because I can see this being left on for long periods of time. Also, for future-proofing should I get a motherboard with support for faster memory and LGA 2011? One thing I am worried about is overheating. Are these parts going to run to hot?

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March 27, 2012 1:04:23 PM

Aside from the graphics card (you need a low-profile card), I don't see anything wrong with your build. You can get back under budget by going with an AMD build (see my HTPC specs in my signature as an example). With four exhaust fans on the right side of the case, I don't see any problems with your system overheating (unless you place it in an enclosed location).

-Wolf sends
March 27, 2012 1:35:36 PM

I would say the SSD is overkill on this level of PC. i would throw that $$ into a better GPU, or if thats not necessary, just pocket it. i don't think you will gain much from it.
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March 27, 2012 3:01:06 PM

Asus F1A55-M LX PLUS FM1 AMD A55 (Hudson D2) Micro ATX: $65

AMD A6-3670K Unlocked Llano 2.7GHz Socket FM1 100W Quad-Core Desktop APU: $120

G.SKILL 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3 1866: $60

OCZ Agility 3 60GB Solid State Drive: $86 before $15 rebate

WD Green WD20EARX 2TB: $115 with code EMCNGHC44

I got you down to $1,004 :lol: 

You could save another $70 by dropping the HD6570 but you should buy that, and wait for Socket FM2 and Trinity, anyway, as the Trinity GPU will run great dual graphics with the Turks GPU. :D 

March 29, 2012 11:16:56 AM

SSD is overkill.
If you go for a AMD build you also can get a cheaper 150picowatt PSU.
The I3-2100T can run fanless i have a working htpc configuration on my site. about this.
The question realy is that will tell you how much gpu power you need is what is light gaming?
Is light gaming be able to play webbased flash games.
Or COD in 720P or 1080P? Or do you play RTS games? Then you dont need a powerfull gpu. Better to use a fanless gpu. I see in your build that the gpu has a small high rpm fan. Get rid of it. The thing will make too much noise.
YOu buy 4 additional case fans? Why is that? Start with 2 and make sure you can adjust the rpms.

I have a case that has 3 case fans 2 of them are 60mm and 1 80mm. the only one running is the 80mm. My onboard hd3200 and 45 watt cpu do not generate heat.
the only thing creating heat are the 4harddisks that are inside.
April 5, 2012 4:09:37 PM

Best answer selected by jbm715.
April 5, 2012 4:12:11 PM

Thanks yall. All great advice. I'm going to wait for the new socket type for prices to come down. I thougtht I had already replied until I got an email from TH.