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was just wondering if anyone had info on this. one of my cards is an asus gtx 560 (non ti), and i thought it was the specific version (because they make a few versions, 3 i think) that had the problem, but it seems all of asus 560's non ti's have this problem where the driver is crashing windows. something very strange about this card...not sure if the other brands non ti's act like this, but i'm going to try and install it on a new build with the drivers it came with out of the box and see if it helps..i see a lot of people complaining about this so i know it's not just me, and was wondering what other people did to fix this? i notice the newer driver crashes the system about 4x more than an older driver i was using.
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  1. When you installed the drivers were they the latest beta drivers or the WHQL. If they were beta then you could try the latest WHQL drivers.
  2. tried bunch of drivers, latest nvidia drivers are absolute worst.

    go on and look at the various non ti asus gtx 560 reviews, a lot of them having the same thing.
  3. There is one post that said he was having problems and then went a installed these drivers and the problems stopped.
  4. I have this problem too. I would be playing guild wars and my pc would just shut down completely. What I did is installed msi afterburner and kombuster. I then used the fps limiter in kombuster to limit fps to 60 and used afterburner to dial my card back to 750mghz and the problem stopped, I know u should not have to do this but at least it works now. hope this helps
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