Are these case any good?

IMO these cases look very nice and have a nice little LCD screen for temp, time and active Optical drives and HDD's. Do you think they are big enough for all things needed for a good gaming build with possible Xfire and do you think the cooling is ok with two fans. I'm just thinking this might be a case of you get what you pay for.
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  1. If not these if they are really bad can you reccomend any for under £50 that i can easily get in UK
  2. I'd personnaly go for the Carbide 300R or the Antec 302
  3. Rugger what sets them cases apart from the ones i were looking at
  4. 1. Better construction materials: more metal and less cheap, easily breakable plastic.
    2. Bottom-mounted PSU design
    3. Side-mounted installation for internal 3.5' drives
    4. Quick-release mechanisms for the 5.25" drives
    5. Engineered for ease of installation of parts
    6. Space behind the mobo trays for routing cables
    7. Cutouts for routing cables.
    8. I could continue but it should suffice to say that they are simply much better cases...
  5. Why is it better for a bottom mounted PSU
  6. Agree with either Antec 302, Antec One, but my fav at the moment is Corsair 300r
  7. and do they have USB 3.0?
  8. disregard comment above
  9. The Carbide 300R and the Antec 300 v2 both have USB 3.0 ports on the front panel. Tthe Antec DF-10 does not have USB 3.0; they may ship an adapter with it, but I can't confirm that.
  10. Yeah i quite like the 300R also thanks for all your answers
  11. You're welcome - glad we could help!
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