One GPU running 10 degrees higher than the other

I've noticed that one of my GPU's runs about 10 degrees Celsius higher than the other for no apparent reason. Any reason this can be? My only thought is that it may be the one closer to my CPU, but my CPU is 10-15 degrees cooler than the GPU. The fan's running.
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  1. what cards? SLI/xfire setup? a dual gpu card?
    in dual card setups the top card is usually hotter, just because it isn't getting as much cool air as the bottom one...
  2. Zotac nVidia geForce gtx 550 ti x2 in SLI.
    I just completed a Benchmark test, and after it was all over, the top card was 30 degrees hotter than the bottom one. Now I wonder- What is the max temp my cards can get to without having a problem?
  3. this is a common problem for sli/xfire. First the primary draw from your mb is from the primary slot. Second the first slot will now have limited ventilation acess from this configuration due to the cards being closer together. Use an aftermarket program like afterburner and set manual based card fan configurations. I never run my cards higher than 60 but your gpu can withstand temps into the 80's 99 is the gpu shutdown temp.
  4. Thanks. I'll try afterburner now, then report back.
  5. While I'm able to control how my fan reacts to temperature, it still hasn't solved the heat issue. Maybe I should reapply thermal paste.
  6. the heat is because more watts are drawn from the first card, second the cooling is now limited. No matter the most expensive config heat will always be drawn to the first card. Use afterburner set heat temp fan config and forget. Also if this is realy bothering you instal a side mounted chasis fan.
  7. Try ramping up the fan to 100%
  8. undercovernerd6 said:
    if this is realy bothering you instal a side mounted chasis fan.

    Any special type of fan for it? I have installed a few aftermarket fans, but have strayed away from the side one, because I foresee problems with opening the case.
  9. Gpus run much hotter than cpus, if your gpu is 10-15 degrees hotter, your right where you should be. If your under 80c you've got nothing to worry about.
  10. It's over 80 degrees just sitting still in a game.
  11. What case? How many fans blowing on that setup? Generally in cf/sli setups you want the card with the best cooler to be on the bottom. Though having 2 cards with great coolers is also a good idea, I have 2x 560ti hawks.
  12. Thermaltake A60 have 2 front intake, top exhaust, and back exhaust. With the stock fans, I never saw the temps above 50-60 degrees.
  13. Can you put a fan on the sidepanel?
  14. I certainly could, but I don't think that would solve the one GPU running that much higher than the other under full load. If it were the 10 degrees at idle, I'd understand, but a whopping 40 degree difference is crazy. Maybe I have the heatsink seated improperly.
  15. It will make a difference
  16. No argument there- my contention is that it will not make a 40 degree difference. I need to reconcile the temp differences under load. I realize they will never be the same, but I know the temp difference I'm experiencing indicates a problem.
  17. If you ran a bench and the primary card was 40 degrees hotter it is probably because the benchmark isn't SLI enabled and only the primary card is getting used. Not all games spread the load evenly, the primary card will always be hotter, though 40 degrees is excessive.
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