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Is it reasonable to buy Nvidia 3D glasses for 7970 HD?

I really want 3D feature on my games. Is it reasonable to buy these 3D glasses

for 7970 HD? Or should I not go 3D on Radeon cards at all?
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  1. Ill buy the monitor. It have glasses included and is made for 3D vision.
  2. you still need a 3d monitor for active 3d glasses . so you have to get the monitor
  3. You'd buy a product that won't go together with a AMD vid card?

    Active 3d as nVidia implemented it requires a nVidia videocard, the software in the driver syncs with the monitor and the glasses.
  4. be careful if u ship it with fedex...
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    If you want 3D on a 7970 you might want to look up AMD's qualified 3d monitors list
    all the monitors that work for ATI 3D will/should come with their own active/passive glasses to fit that monitor
  6. Got it:)

    Thanks, guys!
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