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Hello, how can i clean virus on my system without formatting
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  1. Welcome to the forums (I can tell your new because this isn't the ideal section to ask this)! But thats alright but first, We need some more info before anyone can really help you out, are you running Windows 7, XP, Vista. What anti virus are you running? No matter what you are running the first thing that I would do would be to boot into Safe Mode, run the Virus scan again and then try to delete the virus that it picks up.
    If your wondering Safe Mode will boot into windows with as little drivers, and process as it can. Basically this is a fail safe way to run your computer for a short time. Without all these process and services running, it will often times allow you to delete a virus that you could not in normal mode.
  2. Run a virus program like Microsoft Securities Essentials or a malware program like Malwarebytes. Both free.
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