Is it worth the upgrade?

Hi all, i currently have a radeon 4870 512mb and was wondering if i should upgrade to a 6770 because of DX11 and its 1GB or a 6790 for better performance. I like to play open world games like skyrim and assassins creed, and those games stutter a little bit. So is it worth it spending over 100 dollars just to get 1gb and DX11?
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  1. If you have the money, go for it! I would recommend this card:
    I just bought it for my new build, i haven't assembled yet.
    Watch this video about the 6770:
    Also whats your CPU?
  2. core 2 quad q6400
    antec 650 earthwatt psu.
  3. or if u can get get and sapphire hd 6770 vapor x its technology of cooling is quit brilliant.:)
  4. hold on just because it is a bigger number doesnt mean it is better...they roughly have the same performance. I think you should figure out what you want to spend and find out the best card for the budget. I really dont know if the 6770 is going to help the stutter. have you messed with the advanced video options in the game and in Catalyst? I think you should wait and save a few more bucks for a 6850 or 6870. I dont think you will have a problem there with stutter. I have a 5770(basically a 6770), but was upgrading from a 2670xt/pro or something and this was when the 5770 just came out and I will admit that it was a great upgrade but from a 4870 that is a hard choice. Also the 7770 and 7870 will be coming out soon, something also to maybe save up for.
  5. the 6770 is not better then what you have now.
    a 6770 is a rebadged 5770

    what is your budget and we can go from there
  6. it seems like vapor x is a selling strategy. if it was so good they would use it on big better cards that put out more heat. thats another story though.

    the first link should be abolished from the internet. it shows the 6770 o/c to be faster then the 6970 in dirt 2 which is basically impossible.

    the 4870 is the faster card
  7. yes i know that but what you said that 4870 is faster its faster but not to high little bit and let me tell you one thing that the 4870 is 2 or 3 years older and its dx 10 capatible and the the hd 6770 is dx 11 capatible and because of its little bit more performance its price is also bigger then the hd 6770 i'd propebly go with the hd 6770 because of the new tech.
  8. the only upgarde is dx11 thats not worth it.

    OP get atleast a 6850
  9. i don't know what the rest of your hardware is or the res you play at........ but the cards aren't that far apart performance wise and when you add DX11 and tessellation in the mix you're in a losing situation. adding a higher end card might be worth it depending on items listed at beginning of reply.
  10. My resolution is 1440x900 and im planning a dual moniter setup(also 1440x900 moniter, just need the dvi cable for it).

    rest of pc specs:
    4gb ddr2 667Mhz
    400Gb 7200 RPM Fujitsu
    Asus P5G41-M LE motherboard
    HAF 912
  11. what about a 550 TI?
  12. or even a gtx 460 for 140, is it similar to a 6850?
  13. gtx 460 and hd 6850 both are better then 550ti so the gtx 460 will be better choice then the 550ti.:)

    here is the benchmark of gtx 460 1gb vs hd 6850:-

    an hd 6850 will be more better because it requires only 1x6 pin pcie and the gtx 460 requires 2x6pin connector if u have an psu which have only 1x6 pin pcie connector so the hd 6850 will be better but if u have an good psu with 2x6 pin then the gtx 460 will run easily but an hd 6850 will be more better choice then an gtx 460.:)

  14. My PSU has 2x6 pins because my 4870 requires that, and which card is better for dual moniters at 1440x900?
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