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After the last restart of the system, Network and Dial-up connections folder stopped showing connections. Even the shortcuts from the desktop don't work anymore. I didn't change anything to the hardware, or software. The connections are still there, because I can connect to the net using IE6 connection dialog, but once connected, it doesn't show that dial-up icon in the tray... When I try to make a new connection, it works, and it makes it (shown in IE6 dialog), but even the new connection isn't visible in Network dialog. Any way to reinstall Dial-up?
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  1. I could try to answer your question but why should I when you didn't bother to enter ANY information in your profile.

    Like you, the answer will remain anonymous.
  2. The last time I checked, this forum was based on a volontery basis. If you can help me, please do, and thank you in advance. If you can't, please take your attitude somwhere else. Thank you...
  3. I think it's in the Add/Remove Windows components area.

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  4. No, I already checked there, no dial-up...
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