Chassis#3 Only being Detected Issue

Hello, Just a quick question,

On my PC I got 4 fans, and only one is being detected which is the Exhaust Fan, im just curous if anyone knows why the intake fan, and the other fans arent showing up on HWMonitor, also the exhaust fan is running at about 900RPM, which is low? I guess lol.

Thanks, just a quick question

Thanks to those who will answer.
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    Are all fans plugged into motherboard FAN headers? Do they show up in the BIOS hardware section?
    To delve deeper, we need to know the make/model motherboard.
  2. ^^ for a fan to show up on any monitoring program it needs to be plugged into the motherboard. Fans attached directly to the power supply or a fan controller cannot be monitored by the motherbd circuitry hence programs that read this circuitry cannot see the fans.
  3. Ahh yes sorry I forgot to close the thread I know the issue now thanks.
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