How to make fifa 12 run without graphics card

plz help me ...i wanna play fifa 12 on my pc
bt i've got INTEL CENTRINO processor and no graphics card
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  1. run cpu-z and gpu-z or speccy and determine what cpu and gfx your pc has.
    iirc centrino was a technology for wifi capability for intel cpus.
    you need to tell us which cpu you have. if it's a laptop, it should have a gfx chip built into the motherboard.
    if your pc's specifications don't match fifa 12's minimum requirement, you won't be able to run the game.
    and pcs can't output to display without a gpu. your pc must have one.
    fifa 12 min. sys. req.
    CPU: CPU with Dual core processor (Core duo 2 or better), Intel Core2Duo @ 1.8Ghz
    RAM: 1 Gigabyte of RAM (2 GB required for Windows® Vista / Windows® 7)
    VGA: ATI Radeon™ HD 3600, NVIDIA GeForce 6800 GT, Intel’s Sandy Bridge (HD Graphics 2000) and Ivy Bridge (HD Graphics 3000)
    DirectX® 9.0c Compatible 3D accelerated 256 MB video card or equivalent (must support Shader Model 3.0 or above)
  2. i assume you're trying to play this game on your lappy. sorry mate you're going to need laptop or pc with supported gpu and cpu (like the one mention above by de5_roy).
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