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So I refornatted my PC to install Windows 7. I have an 8800GTS and a 22" LG LCD monitor. When Windows first loads, the native resolution (1680x1050) works fine. However when I download and go to install my Nvidia drivers, during the install my display goes into power saving mode. The only way to get it out is to reboot. But when I reboot the computer displays a maximum resolution of 1024x780. I installed the monitor drivers, but this only remedies the resolution to 1260x720. Any suggestions as to what might be wrong? It could very well have to do with the driver installation not finishing, but I can't seem to finish the full install without the display going into "power saving mode".
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  1. Hi there,

    Make sure you install the proper driver for you computer model. I have similar problem with wi-fi drivers, they dont have the model I was looking for so I install the driver for model just before the modl that I have and its work. So try again with different driver and you will see what will happend.

    Hope this help. ;)
  2. The driver seems to be correct. However I seem to have run into a problem, since after installing the driver in safe-mode I can no longer boot normally at all. The BIOS screen comes up, windows begins loading, but when the computer would normally display the login screen it goes into power saving mode!
  3. you might need to remove the video card and boot up with your mobos onboard video while you troubleshoot this. in your windows power settings try setting the monitor to never turn off.
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