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So I have two Asus VH266H 25.5inch monitors, and I was looking to find a 3rd monitor, turns out they stopped producing the VH266H and the VK266h (has camera) so i was wondering, what could i do to solve this problem, I have thought of getting a 3rd 120Hz monitor for the center around a 25inch and maybe using that for triple monitor on some games or just single monitor on RTS/RPG games but im not fully sure how the different Hz would affect each other monitor, if there would be conflict or not. Also if possible for other suggestions for monitors to use for the 3rd center monitor, it would be great, just an FYI, the 2 side monitors when gaming are just to increase my periferal vision for the most part so accuracy does not have to be as good as the center, thats why i was debating the 120Hz for the center since thats usually where im focusing most of my action.
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  1. well I found the monitor used and might get it, but still curious on the different Hz on monitors if they mess up performance at all
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